Gen Con, New Jewelry, and Storm Front in Hardcover!

Gen Con, New Jewelry, and Storm Front in Hardcover!.

I’m excited about the books coming back in hardcover!

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Under the Dome: Reconciliation (s2e5)

A quick one today. Lots going on.


A continuation of the resource crisis, Julia proposes a food drive of sorts. Not everyone agrees. Because everyone should have been ready for this type of situation. Sheesh.

Sam and James find the journal (where’s Lyle? ).  More predicted stuff. Sam learns his sister is still alive. They discover a painting on the back of a painting – obelisk, 1824, and other stuff. James plants the idea of the other “hands” dying to unlock the dome in Sam’s head not realizing Lyle didn’t kill Angie.

Joe Nori and Melanie seek out Rebecca for some more answers after Melanie gets nothing from touching the dome. More and Nori make up.

Julia gets aid from Barbie in the food drive but someone planted a bomb. Phil accuses Julia of hiding the food for herself. His excuse that she didn’t check the generator (frayed wires) should have been sufficient reason for doubt. How would he know she didn’t check them unless he had a hand in it. Phil’s firing wasn’t her fault.

Phil breaks in to a secret store room full of food after the explosion. Nori’s mom walks in before he takes her hostage. Barbie treasures him Or with a shot to the shoulder before he’s relieved of duty.

Julia finds another stockpile of food at Eleanor’s house. Her husband was a survivalist. Thankfully, now the series can run ad long as it needs. If they can solve the mystery of Angie’s murder, they can live in perpetuity.

Some odd maneuvering at the end. Big Jim suggests Julia leads the town. James and Sam find a tunnel in the bottom of Melanie’s locker. Julia suggests Barbie become sheriff.

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Under the Dome:Revelations (s2e4)

Finally, not just answers but we get into some things we don’t know.


Science teacher especial, Rebecca Pine, has more moments where she is largely more than a high school teacher. Flu incubation? Not playing God yet playing Darwin? I’m still convinced she’s more than a second season addition with a deus ex machina complex. Her father was on the Army. She has to be more than just a science teacher.

A pig on a farm dies from the flu. This gives Big Jim and Rebecca the chance to weed the folks who won’t survive. Pine says the food will be gone in a week, cannibalism ensuing in about three weeks. Looks like the show has three (or less) seasons at the rate it’s going.

The mystery girl is finally identified, despite continued amnesia. 25 years gives you a long time to forget. Melanie Cross disappeared the same year her family moved to Chester’s Mill:  1988.

Julia is on a mission to stop Big Jim and the flu plot after she and Sam see more pigs die on the farm. The flu has mutated.

This must be the love triangle episode, as Sam tries to get cozy with Julia in Barbie’s absence and Joe gets closer with Melanie to Nori’s dismay. Maybe Joe isn’t bothered by the fact that Melissa should be old enough to be his mother.

James gets Lyle out to find Pauline’s journal after seeing the predictive postcards she mailed to Lyle. They find the book in Sam’s cabin and Lyle makes off with it to continue his religious agenda. Revelations indeed.

Melanie came from Zenith. So did Barbie? And that’s where James’s mom is now? So much outside the dome where they can’t go.

Someone killed Melanie 25 years ago. Was it Lyle? Or was it Sam? The four including Pauline had a hands on moment with the meteor(ite?) similar to what James, Joe, Angie and Nori had recently with the egg. Hmm, a brother and sister with his girlfriend and her boyfriend. Seems awfully familiar. James however doesn’t have scratches on his shoulder from killing Angie. Be careful Julia…

This episode was the best so far, this season. We get more important information, even through inference. We see some shifting in the status quo. We get a bit of a cliffhanger at the end to make us really want the next episode.

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Under the Dome: (s2e3) Force Majeure

This episode screams urgency, yet not much happens. Junior (James) is still conflicted with his family. The mystery girl becomes more mysterious. Oh and by the way…

Lyle (guest star Dwight Yoakam:and why is it all Lyles are farmers?) gets involved with the town. Except wasn’t he involved last season? Big Jim, Sam, and Lyle were all involved in what looked like military operations many years ago. James’s mom, who happens to be still alive, says he should trust Lyle. Hmm, more premonitions from the past.

Big Jim takes inventory. Supplies will run out soon. How many credit hours of Econ does it require to be the genius to figure this out?

The mystery girl is in the yearbook with Big Jim. But she hasn’t aged at all? Updated guess:  he drowned her in the lake many years ago. My guesses are unfounded and not right so far. It’ll be fun to see what really is going on.

Oh, there’s an avid rain event.  Rebecca Pine just happens to know what to do to fix it and Barbie is brave enough to help.

Nori and Joe explore the school where Angie died. Mystery girl just happens to know the locker and combination … because it was hers.  Something was causing reception from outside the dome, including internet, until they jack with the locker.

Assuming each episode equals about two days, will be four weeks in before season three. How much longer will this go on? I’m assuming there will be more visits to Mrs Rennie.  I’m still enjoying the show. The additions are nice as long as they don’t get forced and become extra garbage. The town can’t stand more waste.

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Help Kickstart Uncanny Magazine

Originally posted on Whatever:

My pals Lynne and Michael Damian Thomas (3-time Hugo winner and 3-time Hugo nominee, respectively), are hoping to start a new science fiction and fantasy magazine and are also hoping you’ll help them kickstart this ambition. They’re here to tell you about their plans, in the hope you’ll like what they have planned.

Also, consider this my official endorsement of the magazine. I’ve known Lynne and Michael for years and have every confidence they will make a fantastic magazine that you’ll want to read. And I’ve put my own money where my mouth is, as I was either the first or second person to back this Kickstarter. It’ll be good. Go ahead and kick in.

Lynne and Michael Damian Thomas:

Hi, we’re Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas. We are Hugo winning and nominated editors who have spent the past several years creating and sharing work that gets…

View original 238 more words

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Under the Dome:Infestation (s2e2)

We start with a recap from last week. Angie’s dead and we don’t know who.

Oh, by the way…SPOILERS ahead…

The mystery girl from the lake was there when Angie bought it. But who did it? The girl? Big Jim? James?

Phil gets into cop mode.

Joe wants to lynch the girl. My guess is she’s from Zenith, if that’s what it’s called.

James’ mom drew a picture of the girl 20 years ago before she killed herself? She didn’t exactly die. A future mystery to solve…

Pine starts burning the fields because the butterflies are infesting the plants with eggs. The accelerated rate poses a threat to the town and resources. I guess she can’t breathe in the smoke from her fires. Not all science teachers area ad smart ad we think they are.

A better solution to the infestation is to dust the insects. I’m still not convinced it’s the best idea, but you know…  Big Jim is convinced the Dome is testing him. The town had confidence in him to lead them. Barbie flies the crop duster. Fuel runs low but at the last minute Big Jim had one of those I’m not as bad as you think moments and tells Barbie about a switch to the reserve fuel.

Joe almost misses his sister’s funeral looking for her bracelet. Why does James have it? Did he kill Angie?

Pine shows more of her character by siding with Big Jim away from everyone.

Dwight Yoakum guests stars next week? Otherwise not much for this week.

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Under the Dome:Heads Will Roll (s2e1)

We get some new characters in totally plausible ways. We get a recap of last season. And we’re about to get some more plot from the book?
Bring on the SPOILERS.

Junior’s uncle Sam, on his mother’s side apparently, befriends Julia (a future entrant to a love triangle? True Blood watch out! ). Barbie meets the science teacher. Angie lets Big Jim know just how she feels.

Speculation here:  the mysterious girl from the lake is the egg personified. She apologizes to Linda at the end, so it seems she’s responsible for the magnetic event.

Angie’s mom’s cafe is the Sweetbrier Rose. Isn’t that one of Snow White’s sisters? Two weeks in show time and everyone is packing in the cafe. Everyone, King included. Nod to the show? Doubtful because he’s been a writer since the start.

Junior has a vision of his mom. She’s somewhere near the Zenith tower. Another serious veer from the book because SHE’S ALIVE!

Phil Bushey gets deputized.  I could have sworn he was a serious druggie in the book. Fairly certain his name wasn’t Bushey either.

Nori and her mom get the chance to stay at Big Jim’s. Nori isn’t so keen but mom has a plan.

The big scene isn’t all of the now dead terrifying live characters, like Dodee does to Big Jim. It’s Big Jim trying to get Julia to hang him the way he was going to hang Barbie. No going to happen. Did the magnetic event end because of Jim’s sacrifice or Nori and Joe’s experiment? Hmm.

We’re getting quite a way from book canon. If every season is two weeks, they might make it to season 4 or 5. Creatively, the show might make it 6 or 7 with the dome intact. We’ll see.

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