Snowmageddon 2014

The 12+ hour snow started about 715am.


The driveway walls are 5 bricks high. Some of that is drift.

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Cool Restaurants

Our oldest’s next restaurant is called Pasta La Vista.

That is all.

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Movies: The Mortal Instruments

We watched this the other day. I wasn’t as annoyed by Lily Collins as I assumed I would be. I liked the movie more than I would have guessed. But…
I couldn’t help thinking it was Star Wars mashed up with Twilight.
Spoilers ahead…

Brother and sister fall in love only to find out the truth. The villain is really their father. Their mother sacrifices herself to protect her daughter. So on and so forth.

I did like that it wasn’t exactly the same. I just couldn’t shake the similarities. I’m still undecided on reading the books. Thankfully our library has them to lend. We’ll see.

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Merry Christmas, Everyone

Here’s hoping you have had a great day, even if you don’t believe or celebrate. Everyone needs at least one day off to enjoy friends and family. Count your blessings and have a good one.

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Just as he shut the door, she came in through the other door.
“I just dropped you off at school,” he said. “Why are you here?”
“Must’ve been a shift. I’m not ready yet. Will you take me in about ten?”
His expression went sour. “I just came from there. And now you’re late.”

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Troy L:

I tried it out. Glen Cook leads to Jim Butcher. Jim Butcher leads to Patrick Rothfuss. So on and so on. Quite a nifty little program.

Originally posted on pigeon weather productions:

An interesting idea. Supposed to show you authors you would enjoy reading if you enjoy reading the one you enter.

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Listening to Canned Heat insipired this mini story. I am by no means a dancer. My moves resemble an epileptic seizure. Apologies to epileptics.


Shawn was sad.

“So many people were happy when I danced. My dancing made me forget. Others forgot too.”

The police removed Shawn from his apartment that evening…

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