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Under the Dome: Turn (s2e12)

The dome continues to contract. I’m a few weeks behind. Oh yeah… SPOILERS AHEAD.

This is my least favorite episode of the season. It may be the worst of the series. Too much going on about the dome as an entity with decision making capabilities.

When something goes wrong and Nori asks “What’s happening?” Rebecca has to answer as if she’s an authority figure. She’s borderline useless.

The dome stops contracting when Barbie and his dad negotiate the return of the egg. Somehow the red door will work again.

Melanie is getting worse after the transfusion, the worsening somehow afflicted by the angry deity known here as the dome. A series of dialogues and a vision bring the old hands and new together to help her.

Don Barbara has his ego handed to him when he realizes he’s not in charge after all. Evil corporations can be so evil. Evil comes by proxy this time through the anonymous soldiers. How did Nori know his name is Don? This episode is the first time I’d heard it. Maybe Hunter told her.

If they don’t stop it, the dome’s contracting will kill them all via the mounds of earth crushing them.

The eight (seven) hands heal Melanie in the field equidistant from every dome surface. Then the angry deity known as the dome sucks her down. Dissatisfied with the rapture’s glacial approach, Lyle kills Pauline so they can go to heaven together. Big Jim kills Lyle of anger but Lyle thanks him for doing him a solid. Not sure that he’s going to heaven as well. Too late to warn him.

The episode ends with the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” – horribly thematic along with the episode title.

Bah. I’m sure some things need to be in place before the season finale. At least one more season is due since the dome isn’t going anywhere soon. Season three will start about four weeks under the dome. How will they add new characters this time?

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Under the Dome: Black Ice (s2e11)

Getting to the end of the season and into non-book story. I have a feeling we’ll move into answers for this season but new mysteries for next season. And I doubt the dome comes down before episode 13. If it does, it’ll be back up soon enough.

As always…

Pauline has regrets for what Melanie went through 25 years ago.

Julia is trapped and impaled after the ambulance wreck.

Melanie and Pauline develop their strained relationship. Melanie has some violent reaction to experiments to the egg on the outside.

Big Jim goes for gasoline and finds Lyle. Pauline lost the ability to predict and now Lyle has it. Hmm.

Joe discovers some things about Hunter. Who does he work for and who is he truly loyal?

Barbie gets Julia to the Rose to get her warned up. The piece of metal was 3-4 inches into her thigh and now she’s not bleeding? Hmm.

Joe and Nori confront Hunter after his rendezvous with the same militant dealing with Big Jim. Hunter says he’s on their side not Aktion.

The show cliffhangers with the dome contracting. Last week it rotated and there was no way Aktion caused that. This week it’s plausible that the EC has the egg and is using it to do whatever they think it will do for them. OR someone else has it. It seems we need to know more about the egg like what does the EC know about it. More cliffhangers to come.

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Under the Dome: The Fall (s2e10)

Things are never normal in Chester’s Mill. The writers see to that. As we get deeper into the show we get further away from the book.

We see more than just one fall this week…


Big Jim and Pauline have a talk. Lester Coggins helped fake her death long ago.

Climate change in the mill? Barbie can’t stand a little chill in the air.

Melanie is missing and so is the egg. Melanie and Junior continue their “romance” a la the bunker.

Rebecca Barbie and Julia reacquaint. Barbie still doesn’t quite remember his memory of Melanie. There is a way out of the dome but I don’t think it’s a good idea, shakes and all.

Sam tries to make good with Melanie.

Lyle didn’t make it. Pauline came back for Junior. Big Jim wants to prove he’s changed as if that’s the reason Pauline faked her death.

Everyone vies for the egg.

Hunter knows Nori and Joe. He has a plethora of tech trying to reconnect outside the dome.

Melanie should remember Barbie. Barbie should remember Melanie. What does Melanie’s mom have to do with Aktion? Laura. Melanie and Barbie are half-siblings.

Big Jim has a change of heart? Junior is going after Sam.

The egg goes haywire and gives Pauline serious psychic brain pain.

Town meeting at the Sweetbrier Rose. Plan to evacuate those who will go. Are the anonymous militants part of Aktion?

Hunter Joe and Nori rig an egg detector. Phil overhears how to leave the Mill.

Pauline paints the painful prediction of the end… of everything. Big Jim finds the egg and it knocks him out. How’s that for a sign Big Jim?

Barbie thinks he knows his dad. Does elder Barbara know Melanie died?

Nori calms the egg down. Now Big Jim wants it.

Junior goes bad cop on Sam before he sees Angie. The old three still have a part to play.

Hunter sees Big Jim Joe and Nori. Big Jim forces the egg into the chasm. Cataclysm ensues. Smooth move.

Nothing else noteworthy other than Melanie passes out. All Hands on deck.

Phil is out of jail. How long before he jumps to Zenith? Oh, snap. They’re trapped again.

Three more episodes for the season. I hope the next season doesn’t work like Once Upon A Time.  The storytelling doesn’t work the same here.

What will the evil corporation do with the egg? Cue the ominous music…

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Deus Ex Machina

Is it still the hand of God if you’ve planted hints and bits for 3-4 books previous?

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Under the Dome: The Red Door (s2e9)


The anonymous militants holding Barbie want information…and the power source, aka the egg.

Big Jim’s wife died long ago. Closed casket. Duh.

The new three and Julia head back to the school except Junior stays.

The old three deliberate about the red door.

Big Jim saw Barbie last night.

Barbie’s dad sees him in “jail”and gives a sob story about the email. Elder Barbara is in with the militants.

People watching the old three in the park. Memories of a young Junior Rennie going to the park with Pauline to see a young Angie McAlister.

Hunter the hacker is ordered to use daddy Barbie’s computer to enact some action against corporate espionage.

The new three get a dismal and video from Aktion Energy and Don Barbara. Melanie knows the voice. Surprise surprise. He pleads for the egg abd to meet his boy’s girlfriend.

Militant goes bad cop on Barbie.

The old three take a break from looking for the red door. The meet Pauline’s associate Hunter and his friend Trevor. Someone follows them. Barbie meets Junior’s mom and dogs the bombshell about Sam the serial killer.

Big Jim quietly announces his intention to get the egg. Rebecca warns the new three and Julia about Big Jim. He goes to the edge and negotiate with the militant in charge. He learns where to find the egg. Angie’s place.

Sam justifies Angie’s murder with Pauline’s visions. How does that explain Melanie?

The red door is on the Barbie property. Of course.

Junior is moving the egg. Melanie plants doubt in his mind about Julia’s intention with the egg. Julia reveals the egg is gone. Big Jim and Julia have a private conversation.

How did Pauline “die” because everyone in town is still convinced.

Is the red door so vital they need a decoy to get to and in it? Nice little Prohibition cellar. Hunter guys with the old three abd Barbie back to Chester’s Mill. Militant doesn’t see where they go.

Flashback to Sam snooping in the diary. Junior doesn’t want to stay with his dad. Pauline promised Junior that Sam will save him someday. Barbie sees Melanie when he was little. Pauline sees the meteor crater and then Melanie. “This is where it began abd this is where it ends, for both of us.” Where’s Lyle?

The tunnel leads back to a lake. Maybe the one where Big Jim drowned the lady a week out two ago.

The egg is in the bomb shelter now. Melanie turns? She begins her seduction of Junior.

Pauline is home and Big Jim sees a ghost.

Some new mysteries and shifting dynamics with the old three back in Chester’s Mill. Should make for interesting stories to come.

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Under the Dome: Awakening (s2e8)

Big Jim starts out by apologizing to Rebecca. They’d make a great couple because I don’t think she’s as nice as she makes out. He gives her a radio. He’s also made himself sheriff.

Joe and Nori go to the school to get vlog footage in time to receive Wi-Fi. Somehow Joe gets an email for Julia from Barbie. Barbie’s dad sent it so I doubt bringing the egg would be a good idea. Sounds a bit conspiratorial. The egg should be the key to bringing down the dome.

Barbie’s enjoying a sit in the park. A man at a computer station sees Barbie on a video shot and sends a message to someone looking for him. Then the guy is one the street tailing Barbie. The guy confirms the email was doctored. How does he know it was doctored? The guy is a friend.

The three hands and Julia work on getting a message back to Barbie. They still assume he’s dead even though the drone made it safe.

Lyle is now stuck on something in the cards. Sam tries to get an experimental drug to bring Lyle out of his fixation.

Big Jim, Rebecca and Junior check out the broken shed thing before Junior gets a call about a fire.

Hounds of Diana. This is the organization working against the evil energy corporation, Aktion. Dale sees the sent email.  Dad shows up to stifle the hacking. Dad insists Dale comes with him.

Car fire. Under control before they arrive. Andrea made the call. Big Jim is sure someone in town is sending him a message.

Dale’s dad sent the message through the door. The guy helping Dale is Hunter and works for Mr Barbara.

The three and Julia get ready to send a message just as another message gets through. They figure out he wants them to stay.

Lyle gets the medicine. Sam is shaking.

Barbie approaches Hunter. Hunter is a double agent. Barbie convinces him to help him get to the dome.

Big Jim runs through the list of people who have it out for him. Natural enemies? Or a list of people he wants out of the way next?
Protesters at the dome. Barbie gets to the dome gate. Shady black uniformed soldiers inside the gate.

Lyle comes to. He’s aware but not where he is or that Pauline is still alive.

Big Jim pulls over Julia, gives her a radio. He’s got that look in his eye. Future conflict.

Barbie makes it to the forest by the dome stowing under the army truck. He trips a laser on his way through.

Lyle had the postcards with him when he jumped. Pauline gets to see what has happened inside the dome again. The last card, the red door, wasn’t sent because the dome appeared.

Junior pushes his dad’s agenda. He gets a better view of what everyone else thinks of Big Jim. Apparently he’s paranoid for a reason. Lights out. Of course it’s Phil. Junior and Rebecca free Big Jim before Phil can shoot Junior. A tenuous alliance among these three is made.

Julia goes to the dome close to where Linda died. It gets late. Barbie writers her a message. Not safe out here. Don’t jump. The military gets him just as he writes the J.

So elder three know about the door. Lots of action. The bit with Phil doesn’t make sense now. Maybe he’ll be the pivotal character he was in the book after all.

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