Let’s Make This Kid’s Day

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So a couple weeks ago, when I was at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I met this very cool kid named Tyler who’s battling leukemia.  His mom happened to mention to me that he loves to see new “likes” on his Facebook page.  So how about we blow his mind and add a few more “likes” to the 2,400 he has now.

Just go HERE and click “like”.


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Planet Comicon

We’re at Planet Comicon in Kansas City.
Having fun.
Seeing lots of fun costumes. Seeing a few people we knew.
So many comics. Tons of toys. Many Legos.
Kevin J Anderson is the only “famous” person we’ve seen so far despite sitting for a sip next to Celebrity Row.

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io9, New Signings, and Bigfoot Collection

io9, New Signings, and Bigfoot Collection.

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Go Fund the Davis Theatre

The local movie theater is trying to make a come back. It’s been closed for a while. The last movie I watched there was the midnight showing of The Amazing Spider-Man with Miles. He’d never been to a midnight movie. He toughed it out to the end. He’s almost old enough to drive now but we haven’t done a movie that late since.

I’m excited to see the campaign rolling again. This has to be the push to get it open. When movies went almost exclusively digital, the theater couldn’t do showings with their reel projectors. By the time a reel would become available, the movie would be past its relevance. Most often there was no reel. So, no movies.

We have a theater in each direction: Warrensburg, Lexington, Marshall, Grain Valley (not sure about Oak Grove). These are all franchise houses with big movie companies behind them. Davis Theatre is locally owned. I can’t wait to see it reopen.

The campaign is here:
This campaign is raising money for “Davis Theatre Goes Digital!”

Every bit helps.

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Alera Map Reprint

Alera Map Reprint.

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Enter to win 3-day admission to Planet Comicon

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Under the Dome: Turn (s2e12)

The dome continues to contract. I’m a few weeks behind. Oh yeah… SPOILERS AHEAD.

This is my least favorite episode of the season. It may be the worst of the series. Too much going on about the dome as an entity with decision making capabilities.

When something goes wrong and Nori asks “What’s happening?” Rebecca has to answer as if she’s an authority figure. She’s borderline useless.

The dome stops contracting when Barbie and his dad negotiate the return of the egg. Somehow the red door will work again.

Melanie is getting worse after the transfusion, the worsening somehow afflicted by the angry deity known here as the dome. A series of dialogues and a vision bring the old hands and new together to help her.

Don Barbara has his ego handed to him when he realizes he’s not in charge after all. Evil corporations can be so evil. Evil comes by proxy this time through the anonymous soldiers. How did Nori know his name is Don? This episode is the first time I’d heard it. Maybe Hunter told her.

If they don’t stop it, the dome’s contracting will kill them all via the mounds of earth crushing them.

The eight (seven) hands heal Melanie in the field equidistant from every dome surface. Then the angry deity known as the dome sucks her down. Dissatisfied with the rapture’s glacial approach, Lyle kills Pauline so they can go to heaven together. Big Jim kills Lyle of anger but Lyle thanks him for doing him a solid. Not sure that he’s going to heaven as well. Too late to warn him.

The episode ends with the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” – horribly thematic along with the episode title.

Bah. I’m sure some things need to be in place before the season finale. At least one more season is due since the dome isn’t going anywhere soon. Season three will start about four weeks under the dome. How will they add new characters this time?

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