Burnt Ice Cream

Maybe blackened. You heard it here first folks.

Fried ice cream is cinnamon and such. Burnt is crushed chocolate cookies,  ala Oreo sandwich cookies.

You’re welcome.

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These Zombies Got Next. – http://wp.me/p1E5bE-C3

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Working for Bigfoot and Aeronaut’s Windlass Signing Tour!

Something I’m recently excited to see happen. I’m planning on going to the KC signing.

Working for Bigfoot and Aeronaut’s Windlass Signing Tour!.

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Review: Devil’s Nightmare by Robert “Sharkey” Pruneda

I read the original Nook version first. I’m actually reviewing the Forsaken edition.
Cleaned up nicely. I’m not sure if the extra flavor bits helped or not – they didn’t add to the setting or atmosphere; I knew the story was set in Texas. You can tell the author has a Southwestern influence.

Many nice surprises. At first I was reminded of Sigler’s Nocturnal. The two are not the same. Aaron and his new partner are not buddies.

This tale paced well. Everything happened without being rushed. There was enough tension and suspense to keep it interesting.  Every time I thought I had things figured out, switch it up!

The mystery kept going. I had my suspicions – incorrect but everything was plausible. Not everything is revealed conveniently for the reader or the characters.

Worth a read.
There’s a sequel? Why, yes. Devil’s Nightmare: Premonitions. I can’t wait.

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Chris Pratt and Movie Merchandising

Miles brought up a good observation last night. Chris Pratt is the only person with 3 characters as Lego minifigures – Emmett, Starlord/Peter Quill, and his Jurassic World character.
A good point indeed. Most other actors and actresses only have one. I struggle to come up with any other multiples.

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Let’s Make This Kid’s Day

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Planet Comicon

We’re at Planet Comicon in Kansas City.
Having fun.
Seeing lots of fun costumes. Seeing a few people we knew.
So many comics. Tons of toys. Many Legos.
Kevin J Anderson is the only “famous” person we’ve seen so far despite sitting for a sip next to Celebrity Row.

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