Resolutions and such

I started off the year (ended last year technically) thinking I would not do resolutions for 2013. I changed my mind and went with “Eat more bacon. Eat more pizza. Drink less soda.” but those were things I’d planned on doing anyway.  I moved into “Completing a full length story. Not letting my pet peeves get to me. Write every day.”
Of course the original resolutions were gimmes.  I could do each without much effort and if I didn’t completely commit, no problem.  They weren’t earth-shattering. The updated set will take much more work.  Keeping to them will mean a better me both mentally and spiritually.  Pet peeves, I can get irritated at these at the drop of a hat, no matter how good of a mood I’m currently in.  The contents of this list of irritants are little things and I realize I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.  No matter how that changes (or doesn’t) I’ll still get peeved.
Completing a story, preferably a novel, will take quite a bit of work as well. Coupled with writing every day, though, I should have a good go at it (and if you missthe “space” you just have “goat it”) and be able to grow as a writer and thinker, etc.
Here’s the rub:  I’m one of the world’s foremost procrastinators.  I can get distracted and waste time like nobody’s business. The two are not always inclusive either.  At work, I can set to a project and spend hours at it depending on the interrupting priorities. Wasting time can just be bad prioritization on my part or can entail “I can do it tomorrow” thinking.
My plan for this blog is a weekly post at minimum.  I can work on non-story writing and build my speak. I need to get in and change some of the ascetics, add some pictures. 
I’m submitting this without rereading, spellchecking, or other formatting.  This is the most writing I have done this year, my establishment of more writing.  Here’s to a great new year.

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