An Interesting Experiment

Here’s an idea I thought up while listening to the inauguration today.

Two speeches. One written for a Democrat, one for a Republican. President Obama is recorded reading each one. A top Republican (majority leader, governor, next presidential hopeful? I don’t have a preference) is recorded reading each one.

Four focus groups: two Dems, two Reps. Each group gets one speech read by someone from the opposite party. How would each focus group respond to their particular speech? Get the responses. Then show each group the same speech read by the other politician. See how different the responses are. Or they could be the same.

I couldn’t fund such an experiment but would love to see the results. I’m not particular to either party. I hold to ideals from each and oppose ideals from each. Cynical? Maybe. Disheartened? More than ever before. Hopeful? Always but it’s tough.

My grandmother grew up during the Great Depression. She would tell us so many things she experienced and survived. She always told us, “I hope we never see that happen again.” I hope we don’t but I fear what will happen if some things don’t improve.

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