What’s to come

I plan to watch and give my thoughts on that long lost show, Firefly. I will try for on episode per week and the post will include spoilers. If available, I will watch and comment on Serenity as well. I realize I am the last person alive to watch the show. I will rectify that very soon. Have I mentioned I’m an Alan Tudyk fan?

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2 Responses to What’s to come

  1. lwpatricks says:

    I loved Firefly too! Definitely died way too young…Josh Whedon did say it was the one project of his that he wish he could go back to and with the success of the Avengers, maybe it’s not that far fetched he’ll do something with it in the future again?

    • Troy L says:

      A Firefly reunion project, ala big screen, would be cool , but I wonder if Whedon could get Fillion or some of the other actors now that they’ve moved on. A motion picture would make it easier to get them all together than trying another series at this point.

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