Writing: The State of Things – March 2013

I’m at a point in the current nameless story that I don’t know how much longer I can write it before I have to make it another story. I have 2 or 3 more things I want to do and I don’t want to keep prolonging these unless I have something meaningful to put in it. I’ve hit all but the last 2 big events in my rough outline; the first draft is more like a fleshed-out outline than the actual outline. I know what I want to add to what I’ve written but I’m not where I can tell word or page count how much this will add.

I have some more mythology (used as a parallel to world-building) to add. I need to add to the world guide (still looking for an appropriate term for this other than bible.) A lot of what is on the page now is quite clunky. The mid-writing changes don’t help but editing will fix the continuity problems. Other problems might be there but I’ll have to catch those as I edit. What I’m adding now will change the first part based on how these events play out.

I’m still working on a title for the current story. “Hunter’s Tale” seems kind of generic and this isn’t his entire story. I’ve thought about using “Origins: Hunter” but that feels a bit generic too. It would work as it is supposed to be a super hero story. He has done some heroic stuff at this point, even if not on Earth. 2 major conflicts to go in this story, an earth shattering event, he still wants to be back with his ex, and he is now Earthbound and no way to contact any of the powered beings not on Earth. No starships. No communicators. I have an idea with one of the conflicts. Another idea is a somewhat generic “Hunter Gibbs and the ___” where the blank would be the current story. We’ll see.

In addition to this story, I have one on deck that will be a short story, set in my fantasy world. I’m also helping a friend with editing and setting up 2 stories he has as well as “helping” with ideas for a new story he’s working on. The 2 stories I may go with self-publishing on, as they aren’t mine and he’s good with whatever I want to do with them. He has another story I would love to get a hold of and write – this one I only have the story idea and have seen a few pages. Not sure how big it is to be yet; this is from 20 some years ago.

As far as story ideas go, I doubt I will run out any time soon. My fantasy stories were planned as a 12-part story when Mission: Earth was featured in the SFBC (I kind of borrowed the multiple book idea, though not certain of where I got 12 from 20.) I’m thinking I have at least two other fantasy story ideas but this is the big one.

Science fiction is a full area for me. I can recall at least 8 separate ideas right now and that’s nothing from my idea book or files. When I think of any of these, I get excited. Like reading my favorite authors, these make me want to get in and write. Speaking of which…

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