Violent Torpedo of Publishing Truth – Final Stop

It’s been a wild and crazy ride these last few weeks. We’ve learned how to self-publish(and why it’s the best option), how to gain buzz when it comes to marketing, how to land a sweet cover for free and Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Though I’ll dare not take the blame for that one(I was careful).

I promised you the official tour T-shirt and a big announcement.
I’ll do even better.

How about several items(now available for purchase). Some branded with the tour logo, while others are just branded baby!

Now, on to the big announcement. For the rest of the internet world, the reveal for my upcoming book Zombietown is scheduled for Friday. But, EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BLOG, I’m revealing it right now!

I’ve enclosed the official cover for my friend Troy, and am about to spill some details on the series that already has a list of readers trying to pre-order:
As the Northern Flu begins to cause death worldwide, scientists rush to create a vaccination. Having killed 73% of our population, the vaccine is finally released into the general population, though it is done so with a huge shortage of supply.
The Northern Flu was thought to be the plague which would end our world. But we were wrong. The vaccine itself carries side effects much worse than death, altering those who were vaccinated to a Zombie-like state.
They are not living dead, but rather a rage-filled vessel of bone and flesh. They do not seek to kill the survivors for brains, but merely because they are incapable of anything else. They die like we do, though it normally takes a direct impact to the skull.
Zombietown will be centered around the lives of the surviving 7%, as they try to rebuild. And though there will be plenty of horrific slashing, Zombietown is different than most Zombie novels for a couple of reasons. A thick of the story will be based on the struggles of survivors who don’t always agree. Old relationships strained while new relationships begin. And a lot of the story will be written in third person through journal entries, which is something a bit new to the genre.

I’m actually retreating this summer to a cabin the family and I have taken over. Wide open woods, pond, etc. Great place to escape the distractions of life, and a very nice place to focus on making Zombietown a solid read. Look for it this December!

Special thanks to Troy for allowing me a spot on his blog.

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3 Responses to Violent Torpedo of Publishing Truth – Final Stop

  1. Sounds like fun! Actually, did you know that real zombies actually exist? Wes Craven created the movie “The Serpent & The Rainbow” loosely based on an actual anthropologist travels to Haiti to study these real life zombies. The voodoo priests of the area were creating a potion with the same ingredient active in pufferfish, putting people into a zombie like state. I would research this a little bit, especially since the cure is a medicinal quality that is causing zombies. I will be looking out for it though, and if you want me to write a book review on my site, just send a copy of it to me so I can review it!

  2. Thanks! I certainly am up for a review, and had no idea that this type of Zombie existed. I’ll be sure to look into it. Remind me never to go to Haiti! At least unarmed.

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