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What’s Happening: End of May, Start of June

So, I’m gearing up for more writing. My NY resolution was to write daily. I have been liberal with that, counting as little as a paragraph as writing and also including blog posts. Now I need to start making a … Continue reading

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Firefly E2: The Train Job

Episode 2 of Firefly gets us more action and surprises and a bit less of the backgrounds as before. The show opening tells us more of the history of this universe in a condensed version. We see Mal, Zoe, and … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: The Bard’s Curse

A late entry with the following choices: A cynical warrior is desperately fighting Accepted Protector of the Naked Craft . A confused conjurer is afraid of being recognized by an old acquaintaince. a gregarious bride is seeking the Field of … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Master Transfer

Tiber took his first vigil since the initial set-up weeks ago. The transfer house in the Groenhou district was carefully guarded from outside attention. Interior inspection would reveal many luxuries unknown to colonial Arlington abroad. Local science provided some inventions. The … Continue reading

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First pages

Something new for me and to the blog is First Pages. Based on something I read about an author ( I do not recall who ), I am working on some first pages. When a first page appears, it will … Continue reading

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