Firefly E2: The Train Job

Episode 2 of Firefly gets us more action and surprises and a bit less of the backgrounds as before. The show opening tells us more of the history of this universe in a condensed version.

We see Mal, Zoe, and Jayne in a tavern playing Chinese checkers. A brawl insues between Alliance soldiers – retired? – and the Serenity away team. The crew is hired to rob a train after a nasty run-in with the Alliance goons and a quick save by Wash.

Nightmare from River. River displays her massive intelligence. We see the Simon and his sister interact more with the crew – “Mal. Bad.”

The away team meets the client for the job. He flexes his reputation of nastiness, but only if a job is not completed. The job, take two Alliance boxes from the train to this renezvous point. I smell a future enemy here.

Interlude with Sheperd and the companion.

Why are the goods not guarded?

Jayne, Simon, and Kaylee discuss the job with River listening in. The train job proves to be sticky and Mal and Zoe have to pose as a married couple looking for work. The cargo and regiment aimed to unload on Paradiso. The landing, however, is on Malady. They get a first-hand look at a non-Alliance planet struggling to survive. The Serenity crew steals the cargo, right under the Alliance’s nose but at the cost of injury to Jayne.

Some discussion about leaving Mal and Zoe behind. I like Jayne despite him going rogue commander. Simon takes care of this and it took me a second to realize why Jayne was speaking nonsense.

The cargo isn’t for Paradiso but Malady. Crap. The companion arrives to rescue Mal and Zoe. The companion has legit files of indentured service by Mal. Leaving the cargo because that’s the right thing to do.

Niska sends his goons to collect on the fee or the bounty. “There is no even.” Some struggle, favoring the Serenity side. Nice save by Jayne. As always, Jayne comes through. Slurring, he says, “I was aiming for his head.”

Serenity crew drops the cargo. The sheriff sees them drop it. Talk about choices. “A man has a choice.” “I don’t believe he does.”

Head goon says, “Keep the money. You can use it to buy your funeral.” Bye bye goon. Next goon agrees to take the money back to Niska.

The Alliance captain talks to somebody about the theft. It’s not about the cargo. We get the ending of 2 men looking for – duh duh duh – this girl, sliding a picture of River forward.

I like the crew interactions, some more depth. I like the addition of danger to the crew. We see a two-sided struggle get deeper and morph into some odd 2 on 2 on 2 on 2, where your enemy isn’t exactly my ally and my enemy isn’t exactly as bad as my new enemies.

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