What’s Happening: End of May, Start of June

So, I’m gearing up for more writing. My NY resolution was to write daily. I have been liberal with that, counting as little as a paragraph as writing and also including blog posts. Now I need to start making a word count goal – this is part of my growth. As long as I just write to the current “goal”, I will not complete more than 1 book per year, which might be fine later but not right now. I want to get these ideas out of my head.

I want to start July writing 1000 words (this equates to 4 handwritten pages for me) daily. From now until then, I’m going to push for that word count. When I get to editing, I can still do 1000 words writing new, squeezing it in an hour nightly. Summer is here, so everyone else is off but me, and so this may move to mornings before work. We’ll see.

I’m also at a point in the main story where I need to decide if part of it is back story or if it will stay. Or will it be a novella at 50-60 pages with the possibility of expansion during edit? Something to think on. Edit: I thought about this at work tonight and might go with the backstory/novella idea. The current piece will work as an origin story.

One of my recent brainstorms was collecting my flash fiction and offering it for free at the end of the year. This is a bit of a step for me since I don’t write a story every week. But if I’m doing 1000 words a day, I can do one weekly (via terribleminds.com) and still get 6000 words on something else. 300,000 is much better than 20000 – my approximate word count on Homeless so far. Speaking of flash fiction, I’m almost done with last week’s challenge; this week’s is easier and might even be 2 submissions. I will have 3-4 to publish here Friday.

Another project I’ve been mulling is a serial of sorts, inspired by certain monthly books and in some weekly or monthly fashion. I have some ideas down for this and due to lack of writing peripherals at work tonight, I did some thinking on this project.

So, better word count via goal, more consistent flash fiction, possible serial, and a fun change on the main story.

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