Weekend Writing Warriors: Behemoths

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He aimed at its hindquarters. It finally turned, preparing to charge him. He fired until he was empty again and switched out another clip. He aimed at its head. It shirked off most of the blasts, dodging as James aimed for its eyes and mouth. It was ready to charge him. It moved. He moved his aim down, hoping the blasts would raise enough debris to allow him time to move out of the behemoth’s path.


This week’s group of words comes from something I’ve written in my spare time at work. This comes from the opening and has a way to go in terms of what happens next.

Thanks for stopping by!

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7 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors: Behemoths

  1. Wow, tense action scene, makes me wonder what the behemoth looked like, sure doesn’t go down easily! Terrific snippet!

  2. Great action, and a lot of questions to be answered! I hope you keep going with it, because I want to know more.

    • Troy L says:

      This is a side project I’m squeezing in. I have so much planned to go with it, though it will be a while. Maybe I’ll use these for future wewriwa posts. I’mm thinking serial too.

  3. Ann Swann says:

    Whew! Hope we get to find out if he survives. Great 8!

  4. A behemoth attack that defies bullets… what an amazing creature! I wonder what your character will do next? I hope you’ll be back with more 🙂

  5. burnsmillie says:

    This thing must have quick reflexes and tough skin!

  6. That thing is so hard to kill. I hope it didn’t bring friend.

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