Books and Shows: Dead, True Blood and Under the Dome part 2

So last time I covered the first 2 episodes of Under the Dome with my thoughts of book vs. show. I also took on Dead Until Dark vs. True Blood season 1. My thoughts were mixed between the shows and the books and contained spoilers.

Again, there be spoilers.

Ep 3 UTD
We get Joe and Nori romance. Paul tricks lady cop Linda and escapes. Shumway questions Barbie’s motives. Big Jim chastises Reverend for the bungle. Junior still has Angie captive. No rationing of the food, though at this rate, they won’t need to do so.  The show seems more reserved at this point.

Ep 4 UTD
I had this one thought out and forgot to save or some other heinous act. Here goes… Junior lets Angie out. Barbie gets a little too cozy with Shumway’s wife. Phil is the first to catch the meningitis in town which leads to a small outbreak. I’m still waiting for Phil to be hitting the meth or whatever it is Big Jim, the reverend, Mr. Shumway (possibly) and so on are cooking up. This episode was a little better than 3. Still not as good as ep.5.

Ep 5 UTD
Some rougher stuff here. Nori’s dad shows up for Visitor’s day. We don’t get the supermarket owner’s cookout; this character is absent. The cafe is still cooking with little or no warning to ration the food. We’re only 2 or 3 days into the Dome, so little worries yet. Big Jim sees Angie; what to think of Junior. Junior finally gets to run as deputy, but he doesn’t have his posse like in the book. Barbie hooks up with a soldier who warns of the military’s plan to try to eradicate the dome. The scene after the missile is one of the stronger parts of the show. The book didn’t convey the harsh reality of a heavy missile strike. Big Jim ends the reverend. Or does he? I’m a believer of no one’s dead until we see the body. In this case, we only see the reverend bleeding out and not pronounced dead.

UTD thoughts
I like where the show has cut characters to save time and keep it a bit more simple. I don’t know that I like Barbie as a shady character but he and Big Jim are closer on the good vs. evil chart than they were in the book. Barbie is still acting less good and Big Jim is acting less evil. Maybe they’re pushing to a lesser of two evils showdown. I anticipate an “I’m bad? Look at what your supposed savior has done.” situation and this really could swing either way.

Season 2 True Blood

Lafayette gets captured. Tara falls in lust with Eggs, another rework from the book. Jason falls in with the Fellowship. Lafayette finds he is captured by Eric & co. He wants them to turn him after he is questioned about the Root vampire and later tries to escape. Sookie gets slashed by a minotaur-like creature. Maryann/Maenad grabs a hold of many of the townspeople in her wanton power. (Watching a behind the scenes of True Blood and Ryan Kwanton has an accent? And Anna Paquin sounds really weird without the accent now. Jokingly, I thought it would be a treat to hear Anna use her accent to dub/read over the parts spoken by Drew Barrymore in Ever After, especially when she’s talking to Prince Henry.)

Lots of stuff going down. I’m up to episode 10. Eggs and Tara eat Daphne’s heart in a hunter’s pie. Sookie, Bill, Jason, and Eric are all in Texas working with Stan to free Godrick (not Godfrey) though Jason is working with the Fellowship of the Sun until Anna Camp gets in his pants. Lorena traps Bill, though I’m not sure why he stays because she released him. Hoyt and Jessica hook up. I figured out the eternal virgin part in advance. Now if Hoyt can get his mama to like Jessica…

We have a showdown with the LODI group and the vampires until Godrick convinces everyone to leave with no more harm to either side. Steve had the best parts here when Jason shoots him in the hand and head with the paintball gun. Jason’s buddy/rival shows up at Godrick’s house and suicide-bombs the vampires with silver chains. Eric uses this opportunity to get Sookie to drink his blood because he “can’t get the silver out on his own.” My issue with this is sometime earlier, I thought Sookie drank his blood. Season 1 possibly. This gives Bill the chance to explain what happens when a human drinks a vampire’s blood. Lafayette, Jason, Sookie and others had been doing this for most of the show so far. Not quite sure what the difference is now.

Lafayette and Tara’s mom ambush Maryann, Eggs, and Tara and manage to steal Tara out of Sookie’s house. Sookie’s going to be pissed when she gets home and sees what Maryann’s been up to. Sam goes to jail along with all the other town partiers. It happens when Maryann leaves Daphne in your cooler after ripping out the poor girl’s heart. I expected a little more from Daphne. I certainly didn’t expect her to go so soon. Sam gets out and flees to Andy’s house. I don’t see how the Sam/Maenad part will wrap up as cleanly as it did in the book. There’s too much passion and this has actually become an equal sized plot with the Fellowship vs. vampires storyline.

I’m expecting the season to wrap up fairly close to Living Dead In Dallas’s ending, where Sam and Bill and Sookie appease the Maenad and she goes on her way, while Andy gets the resolution to the reason for a dead body in his car. I have four more episodes to go. I’ll keep going with Under the Dome, but I’m holding off on Season 3 of True Blood until I get caught up on some more reading. I think Club Dead will be next when I get back into the series.

Final thoughts:
Both shows are at really good points and keeping the interest up. I don’t have too much issue with the alterations.

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