Books and Shows: Dead, True Blood, and Under the Dome part 3

This will be the last post about True Blood for a while. I’ll stick to Under the Dome on this one and I’ll get back to Firefly. When I can get more reading caught up, I’ll get to Club Dead and Season 3. When the show looks like it’s skewed enough from the books, I’ll watch and read as needed.

So, SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

Under the Dome ep 6 The Endless Thirst
Why is it windy at the start of the episode? They’re taking the inner atmosphere to it’s own behavior versus outside. Later it rains. This takes care of the King’s Appliances (nice Easter egg) truck running into the water tower to avoid Nori’s mom and destroying the main water supply.

Junior’s pals are just like in the book and Barbie gets into a scuffle with one of them. Junior however doesn’t side with them. I expect he’ll still confront Barbie later. I’m actually predicting a three way battle with B, Big Jim and Junior, with Junior unsure who he likes better. They hunt down Angie and the café lady. Thankfully, we don’t have these of Junior’s friends joining the police department.
Big Jim moves onto his next conflict with a town member. Ollie the farmer really stands up to Big Jim about the water. Big Jim is a bit too quiet. I keep waiting for his devious, get-my-way attitude to get out.

Under the Dome ep 7 Imperfect Circles
Jim has some conflict with Junior over his condition. Jim is confronted by Angie in the case about Junior and a lack of food. Jim confronts Ollie about water. Angie moves in to be Joe’s “legal guardian. ” Nori doesn’t want to be near Joe anymore. Jim wants the water supply through eminent domain. Junior jumps sides to Ollie’s team.
Getting a real buildup with Jim and all of the pressure he’s under, whether natural or what he’s brought on himself. Jim is turning out to be less bad guy but not so much good guy either. A continuation of the bad isn’t bad and good isn’t really all that good theme we have going.

Under the Dome ep 8 Thicker Than Water
My ep 8 thoughts disappeared so here’s what I remember. Julia and Barbie are awfully close for her husband being gone and being trapped for only a week our v less. Big Jim takes out Ollie’s propane guard and takes control. Ollie tells Junior what really happened to Mrs Rennie. More Junior wants to take out Big Jim.

Nori makes up with Joe. They find the source of the Dome. Nori’s mom Alice helps deliver a baby then has a heart attack. Nori thinks it’s because they saw her at the mini dome. Next Julia sees Joe at the md and he says “the monarch must (will?) be crowned.”

Barbie moves with Big Jim and team to free up Ollie’s water supply. Barbie blows up the pump. Junior confronts his dad and ends up shooting Ollie, reuniting with Jim.

A little bit of trouble earlier with Angie and Junior. She wants to reopen the diner and uses Big Jim’s promise of protection as leverage to try to get supplies.

A little more conflict with Barbie Big Jim and Junior. I still think it’ll be a three way battle at the end.

The show so far seems a bit more like Lost than a Stephen King story. I don’t watch Haven so I might be missing some of the style. Right now the show seems vBulletin a bit more interesting than the book but only based on what we don’t know vs what I’m expecting to happen. At least 3 more episodes to come before the finale. When this season ends and if the dome is gone, I wonder if they’ll go back and tell more some stories or move on with the characters post-dome.

More SPOILERS ahead…

True Blood season 2
Godric bids farewell to Eric. Eric weeps like a little girl, despite being so solid thus far.

I expect the love triangles to continue. More like love hexagons. Sookie-Bill-Lorena-Eric-? Tara-Eggs-Sam-Daphne-Maryann. Quite a bit of mixing around and general confused groupings. The ending was a bit cleaner than I expected but there will fallout anyway with the survivors who lost something or someone.

I started ep 1 of season 3 and can see where some if this season is heading. More reading to do.

I liked season 2 a bit better than book 2 as the show kept both major plotlines going and we still have Lafayette. Unless we’ve seen a body, I expect a future conflict from everyone not on Sookie’s team. Speaking of that, they’ve toned down the Jason vs Sookie conflict from the books. I like this, summer the siblings will be against each other enough but still need to be close enough to make up later.

Show is better than the book at this point.

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