Books and Shows: Under The Dome

Under the Dome ep 9 The Fourth Hand

So while we push away from events in the book we get some that are decidedly King like the picture Junior’s mom drew about the pink stars. That’s a real King premonition moment. We’re 8 days under the dome at this point. The police bust s drug dealer/user who got his stash from the Reverend Coggins. Julia can’t find the mini dome so Nori and Joe search for it. Big Jim has a firearms drive. The mini dome is found in the barn; Angie says she watched Joe go for a walk at 3am. Big Jim has a visitor checking on rapture, the drug he’s behind as well.

Under the Dome ep 10 Let the Games Begin

Junior is the fourth hand? This is a fairly big change to the book. Big Jim goes looking for things Maxine wants and runs into a lady who turns out to be Maxine’s mother, Claire. Julia and Linda find Duke’s safety deposit box key and hence his box. Inside are documents pinning a propane scam that also protected the town from drugs including the ones Maxine sells. We later see a life insurance policy that should name Linda as the beneficiary for $1,000,000. Junior gets pissed when Angie shows Joe and Nori Mrs Rennie’s paintings. Barbie fights in Maxine’s underground fight club. Big Jim accidentally drowns Claire in purpose. No body so we’ll see how permanent this is. The book comes into play with Julia on the scent to Big Jim’s corruption. Lots of moments where we might think Big Jim is not the real bad guy, then he shows us his true colors.

Under the Dome ep 11 Speak of the Devil

Barbie’s big secret is out, he’s Maxine’s enforcer. Well, one of his big secrets. Some of the following might actually be from the next episode. Maxine made a deal with Big Jim: she would keep drugs out of Chester’s Mill and he would keep her in propane? Kind of a good move on Big Jim’s part but still shows his evil side with the deceit.
I’m looking forward to seeing how this show ends. The season was set up to end with conclusion? I’m wondering how much changes due to a second season. With 2 or 3 shows to go, a proper conclusion would be rushed.

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