The Sundering: The Godborn

This is a good second part introduction to the Sundering six book series – book one and two set up the series.
Some of the characters make quick appearances at the beginning while we follow Vasen Cale throughout most of the book.  We get Shadovar, godlings, characters thought to be dead, characters who might already be dead, and cats.
This is my second D&D/Forgotten Realms book unless you count the choose your own adventure type from the 80s. That being said, I enjoyed the Godborn. The story wasn’t heavy with too much backstory or explaining.  The action scenes were interesting.  The magic wasn’t too heavy.
I liked the cats in this story. Every character had a part;  there wasn’t someone who was just there as a place holder.
If you like D&D, this is a good read.  If you haven’t read D&D, I think you’ll like this book.  If you don’t like D&D, eh, you might still like this book.  Some of the monsters are decidedly Forgotten Realms creatures.  The rest just reads like a good fantasy novel.

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