Under the Dome:Heads Will Roll (s2e1)

We get some new characters in totally plausible ways. We get a recap of last season. And we’re about to get some more plot from the book?
Bring on the SPOILERS.

Junior’s uncle Sam, on his mother’s side apparently, befriends Julia (a future entrant to a love triangle? True Blood watch out! ). Barbie meets the science teacher. Angie lets Big Jim know just how she feels.

Speculation here:  the mysterious girl from the lake is the egg personified. She apologizes to Linda at the end, so it seems she’s responsible for the magnetic event.

Angie’s mom’s cafe is the Sweetbrier Rose. Isn’t that one of Snow White’s sisters? Two weeks in show time and everyone is packing in the cafe. Everyone, King included. Nod to the show? Doubtful because he’s been a writer since the start.

Junior has a vision of his mom. She’s somewhere near the Zenith tower. Another serious veer from the book because SHE’S ALIVE!

Phil Bushey gets deputized.  I could have sworn he was a serious druggie in the book. Fairly certain his name wasn’t Bushey either.

Nori and her mom get the chance to stay at Big Jim’s. Nori isn’t so keen but mom has a plan.

The big scene isn’t all of the now dead terrifying live characters, like Dodee does to Big Jim. It’s Big Jim trying to get Julia to hang him the way he was going to hang Barbie. No going to happen. Did the magnetic event end because of Jim’s sacrifice or Nori and Joe’s experiment? Hmm.

We’re getting quite a way from book canon. If every season is two weeks, they might make it to season 4 or 5. Creatively, the show might make it 6 or 7 with the dome intact. We’ll see.

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