Under the Dome:Infestation (s2e2)

We start with a recap from last week. Angie’s dead and we don’t know who.

Oh, by the way…SPOILERS ahead…

The mystery girl from the lake was there when Angie bought it. But who did it? The girl? Big Jim? James?

Phil gets into cop mode.

Joe wants to lynch the girl. My guess is she’s from Zenith, if that’s what it’s called.

James’ mom drew a picture of the girl 20 years ago before she killed herself? She didn’t exactly die. A future mystery to solve…

Pine starts burning the fields because the butterflies are infesting the plants with eggs. The accelerated rate poses a threat to the town and resources. I guess she can’t breathe in the smoke from her fires. Not all science teachers area ad smart ad we think they are.

A better solution to the infestation is to dust the insects. I’m still not convinced it’s the best idea, but you know…  Big Jim is convinced the Dome is testing him. The town had confidence in him to lead them. Barbie flies the crop duster. Fuel runs low but at the last minute Big Jim had one of those I’m not as bad as you think moments and tells Barbie about a switch to the reserve fuel.

Joe almost misses his sister’s funeral looking for her bracelet. Why does James have it? Did he kill Angie?

Pine shows more of her character by siding with Big Jim away from everyone.

Dwight Yoakum guests stars next week? Otherwise not much for this week.

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