Under the Dome: (s2e3) Force Majeure

This episode screams urgency, yet not much happens. Junior (James) is still conflicted with his family. The mystery girl becomes more mysterious. Oh and by the way…

Lyle (guest star Dwight Yoakam:and why is it all Lyles are farmers?) gets involved with the town. Except wasn’t he involved last season? Big Jim, Sam, and Lyle were all involved in what looked like military operations many years ago. James’s mom, who happens to be still alive, says he should trust Lyle. Hmm, more premonitions from the past.

Big Jim takes inventory. Supplies will run out soon. How many credit hours of Econ does it require to be the genius to figure this out?

The mystery girl is in the yearbook with Big Jim. But she hasn’t aged at all? Updated guess:  he drowned her in the lake many years ago. My guesses are unfounded and not right so far. It’ll be fun to see what really is going on.

Oh, there’s an avid rain event.  Rebecca Pine just happens to know what to do to fix it and Barbie is brave enough to help.

Nori and Joe explore the school where Angie died. Mystery girl just happens to know the locker and combination … because it was hers.  Something was causing reception from outside the dome, including internet, until they jack with the locker.

Assuming each episode equals about two days, will be four weeks in before season three. How much longer will this go on? I’m assuming there will be more visits to Mrs Rennie.  I’m still enjoying the show. The additions are nice as long as they don’t get forced and become extra garbage. The town can’t stand more waste.

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