Under the Dome:Revelations (s2e4)

Finally, not just answers but we get into some things we don’t know.


Science teacher especial, Rebecca Pine, has more moments where she is largely more than a high school teacher. Flu incubation? Not playing God yet playing Darwin? I’m still convinced she’s more than a second season addition with a deus ex machina complex. Her father was on the Army. She has to be more than just a science teacher.

A pig on a farm dies from the flu. This gives Big Jim and Rebecca the chance to weed the folks who won’t survive. Pine says the food will be gone in a week, cannibalism ensuing in about three weeks. Looks like the show has three (or less) seasons at the rate it’s going.

The mystery girl is finally identified, despite continued amnesia. 25 years gives you a long time to forget. Melanie Cross disappeared the same year her family moved to Chester’s Mill:  1988.

Julia is on a mission to stop Big Jim and the flu plot after she and Sam see more pigs die on the farm. The flu has mutated.

This must be the love triangle episode, as Sam tries to get cozy with Julia in Barbie’s absence and Joe gets closer with Melanie to Nori’s dismay. Maybe Joe isn’t bothered by the fact that Melissa should be old enough to be his mother.

James gets Lyle out to find Pauline’s journal after seeing the predictive postcards she mailed to Lyle. They find the book in Sam’s cabin and Lyle makes off with it to continue his religious agenda. Revelations indeed.

Melanie came from Zenith. So did Barbie? And that’s where James’s mom is now? So much outside the dome where they can’t go.

Someone killed Melanie 25 years ago. Was it Lyle? Or was it Sam? The four including Pauline had a hands on moment with the meteor(ite?) similar to what James, Joe, Angie and Nori had recently with the egg. Hmm, a brother and sister with his girlfriend and her boyfriend. Seems awfully familiar. James however doesn’t have scratches on his shoulder from killing Angie. Be careful Julia…

This episode was the best so far, this season. We get more important information, even through inference. We see some shifting in the status quo. We get a bit of a cliffhanger at the end to make us really want the next episode.

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