Under the Dome: Reconciliation (s2e5)

A quick one today. Lots going on.


A continuation of the resource crisis, Julia proposes a food drive of sorts. Not everyone agrees. Because everyone should have been ready for this type of situation. Sheesh.

Sam and James find the journal (where’s Lyle? ).  More predicted stuff. Sam learns his sister is still alive. They discover a painting on the back of a painting – obelisk, 1824, and other stuff. James plants the idea of the other “hands” dying to unlock the dome in Sam’s head not realizing Lyle didn’t kill Angie.

Joe Nori and Melanie seek out Rebecca for some more answers after Melanie gets nothing from touching the dome. More and Nori make up.

Julia gets aid from Barbie in the food drive but someone planted a bomb. Phil accuses Julia of hiding the food for herself. His excuse that she didn’t check the generator (frayed wires) should have been sufficient reason for doubt. How would he know she didn’t check them unless he had a hand in it. Phil’s firing wasn’t her fault.

Phil breaks in to a secret store room full of food after the explosion. Nori’s mom walks in before he takes her hostage. Barbie treasures him Or with a shot to the shoulder before he’s relieved of duty.

Julia finds another stockpile of food at Eleanor’s house. Her husband was a survivalist. Thankfully, now the series can run ad long as it needs. If they can solve the mystery of Angie’s murder, they can live in perpetuity.

Some odd maneuvering at the end. Big Jim suggests Julia leads the town. James and Sam find a tunnel in the bottom of Melanie’s locker. Julia suggests Barbie become sheriff.

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