Under the Dome: In the Dark (s2e6)

This is the”things get more complicated”episode. Many surprises, just when we think we know everything and we’re just waiting for the cast to figure it all out. Of course, none of us know why the dome is here or where it originates, but I have a theory.

As always…

Just as quickly as he gives Julia power, Big Jim is ready to take it away. A new near apocalyptic crisis strikes in the form of dust particles in the air. Must be allergy season because the post man needs his inhaler after trying to brave the outside.

Joe Nori and Melanie make up. Sam and Junior, er James, explore the tunnel under the locker. Barbie explores underground, too, and after a cave in he ends up with Sam and James good back to the surface.

Joe Nori and Melanie end up with James, making a new four hands. Julia helps them find the egg. They get it together and see the pink stars. Melanie tells them the obelisk (looks like an ancient smokestack) looks just like the one from her hometown of Zenith.

Sam and Barbie tussle, over who killed Angie and Lyle’s crazy plan and who is Melanie. Sam jumps into the chasm after Barbie puts his foot down about killing the four hands. Doesn’t Sam realize it’s the original four and not the new four?

Julia and Rebecca team up to end the dusty particle event. They also blow the rubble underground to free Barbie and Sam.

Does Melanie replace Angie in the overall scheme? Is Sam really dead? Where is Lyle? What is next in Pauline’s diary of artistic predictions? How will she get in the dome since she’s outside? What will the next crisis be?

We’ll see…

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