Under the Dome: Going Home (s2e7)

Where is Lyle? Why did Sam falling not end with a sickening thud but a faint whoosh? It seems as we will find out, but first…

Julia and Barbie go to find the bottom of the underground cave where Sam fell. Barbie climbs down until the rope pulls down, threatening to take Julia and Rebecca too. Barbie cuts the rope and falls…

Big Jim is ready to take back the leadership role he handed Julia. Later he makes a new enemy by showing Rebecca his true nature, scaring her in the process.

Big Jim finds out that Barbie is “dead” – don’t believe it, no body – and arranges a memorial. Big Jim wants everyone to know Barbie is gone rather than memorialize the man.

Barbie wakes up in a park. Alive. In Zenith. He goes to his apartment missing Sam in the process. Armed militants find Barbie and force him to help infiltrate the place controlling the dome? They could have been rich. Barbie’s dad? Now we know (?) who is behind the dome. Barbie’s mom is dead, or is she? Barbie needs his dad to get him to the dome to get a message to Julia.

Sam finds his sister in the psych ward. She’s in the locked unit but as art therapist and not patient. She takes Sam to Lyle who is vegetative except for repeating “Melanie” over and over. Sam also discovers a very nervous twitch in his hand he didn’t have before.

Julia talks with Junior (I swear she said “He’s dead, Jim” instead of “Junior”) about Barbie and the egg.

Joe Nori and Melanie go underground with Joe’s hover camera RC thing so they can find Barbie. The drone hours down so fat and loses signal. We hear that whoosh again.

Julia helps bring the egg underground. The four hands activate it to show pink stars and then the obelisk in Zenith. The hole that wasn’t under Chester’s Mill three weeks ago is a portal between the town and Zenith (just above a Zenith playground; how is that not conspicuous?) They’re excited to know there’s a way out of the dome. How long until they discover the danger of this? A week or two. Barbie will need to learn about the shaking and vegetative state so he’ll need to rush to warn the town.

At the end we see Pauline’s painting of a red door. Then we see a red wooden cover in Zenith – at Barbie’s parent’s house? at Barbie’s mom’s grave/memorial? I didn’t see. Wherever it is, it must be the portal back to Under the Dome.

The townspeople keep referring to the dome as an entity rather than an object. It’s a creation of the energy company in Zenith. Of course they don’t know that.

Will the red door reverse the effect of leaving the dome? We’ll see in two or three episodes.

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