Under the Dome: The Red Door (s2e9)


The anonymous militants holding Barbie want information…and the power source, aka the egg.

Big Jim’s wife died long ago. Closed casket. Duh.

The new three and Julia head back to the school except Junior stays.

The old three deliberate about the red door.

Big Jim saw Barbie last night.

Barbie’s dad sees him in “jail”and gives a sob story about the email. Elder Barbara is in with the militants.

People watching the old three in the park. Memories of a young Junior Rennie going to the park with Pauline to see a young Angie McAlister.

Hunter the hacker is ordered to use daddy Barbie’s computer to enact some action against corporate espionage.

The new three get a dismal and video from Aktion Energy and Don Barbara. Melanie knows the voice. Surprise surprise. He pleads for the egg abd to meet his boy’s girlfriend.

Militant goes bad cop on Barbie.

The old three take a break from looking for the red door. The meet Pauline’s associate Hunter and his friend Trevor. Someone follows them. Barbie meets Junior’s mom and dogs the bombshell about Sam the serial killer.

Big Jim quietly announces his intention to get the egg. Rebecca warns the new three and Julia about Big Jim. He goes to the edge and negotiate with the militant in charge. He learns where to find the egg. Angie’s place.

Sam justifies Angie’s murder with Pauline’s visions. How does that explain Melanie?

The red door is on the Barbie property. Of course.

Junior is moving the egg. Melanie plants doubt in his mind about Julia’s intention with the egg. Julia reveals the egg is gone. Big Jim and Julia have a private conversation.

How did Pauline “die” because everyone in town is still convinced.

Is the red door so vital they need a decoy to get to and in it? Nice little Prohibition cellar. Hunter guys with the old three abd Barbie back to Chester’s Mill. Militant doesn’t see where they go.

Flashback to Sam snooping in the diary. Junior doesn’t want to stay with his dad. Pauline promised Junior that Sam will save him someday. Barbie sees Melanie when he was little. Pauline sees the meteor crater and then Melanie. “This is where it began abd this is where it ends, for both of us.” Where’s Lyle?

The tunnel leads back to a lake. Maybe the one where Big Jim drowned the lady a week out two ago.

The egg is in the bomb shelter now. Melanie turns? She begins her seduction of Junior.

Pauline is home and Big Jim sees a ghost.

Some new mysteries and shifting dynamics with the old three back in Chester’s Mill. Should make for interesting stories to come.

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