Under the Dome: The Fall (s2e10)

Things are never normal in Chester’s Mill. The writers see to that. As we get deeper into the show we get further away from the book.

We see more than just one fall this week…


Big Jim and Pauline have a talk. Lester Coggins helped fake her death long ago.

Climate change in the mill? Barbie can’t stand a little chill in the air.

Melanie is missing and so is the egg. Melanie and Junior continue their “romance” a la the bunker.

Rebecca Barbie and Julia reacquaint. Barbie still doesn’t quite remember his memory of Melanie. There is a way out of the dome but I don’t think it’s a good idea, shakes and all.

Sam tries to make good with Melanie.

Lyle didn’t make it. Pauline came back for Junior. Big Jim wants to prove he’s changed as if that’s the reason Pauline faked her death.

Everyone vies for the egg.

Hunter knows Nori and Joe. He has a plethora of tech trying to reconnect outside the dome.

Melanie should remember Barbie. Barbie should remember Melanie. What does Melanie’s mom have to do with Aktion? Laura. Melanie and Barbie are half-siblings.

Big Jim has a change of heart? Junior is going after Sam.

The egg goes haywire and gives Pauline serious psychic brain pain.

Town meeting at the Sweetbrier Rose. Plan to evacuate those who will go. Are the anonymous militants part of Aktion?

Hunter Joe and Nori rig an egg detector. Phil overhears how to leave the Mill.

Pauline paints the painful prediction of the end… of everything. Big Jim finds the egg and it knocks him out. How’s that for a sign Big Jim?

Barbie thinks he knows his dad. Does elder Barbara know Melanie died?

Nori calms the egg down. Now Big Jim wants it.

Junior goes bad cop on Sam before he sees Angie. The old three still have a part to play.

Hunter sees Big Jim Joe and Nori. Big Jim forces the egg into the chasm. Cataclysm ensues. Smooth move.

Nothing else noteworthy other than Melanie passes out. All Hands on deck.

Phil is out of jail. How long before he jumps to Zenith? Oh, snap. They’re trapped again.

Three more episodes for the season. I hope the next season doesn’t work like Once Upon A Time.  The storytelling doesn’t work the same here.

What will the evil corporation do with the egg? Cue the ominous music…

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