Under the Dome: Black Ice (s2e11)

Getting to the end of the season and into non-book story. I have a feeling we’ll move into answers for this season but new mysteries for next season. And I doubt the dome comes down before episode 13. If it does, it’ll be back up soon enough.

As always…

Pauline has regrets for what Melanie went through 25 years ago.

Julia is trapped and impaled after the ambulance wreck.

Melanie and Pauline develop their strained relationship. Melanie has some violent reaction to experiments to the egg on the outside.

Big Jim goes for gasoline and finds Lyle. Pauline lost the ability to predict and now Lyle has it. Hmm.

Joe discovers some things about Hunter. Who does he work for and who is he truly loyal?

Barbie gets Julia to the Rose to get her warned up. The piece of metal was 3-4 inches into her thigh and now she’s not bleeding? Hmm.

Joe and Nori confront Hunter after his rendezvous with the same militant dealing with Big Jim. Hunter says he’s on their side not Aktion.

The show cliffhangers with the dome contracting. Last week it rotated and there was no way Aktion caused that. This week it’s plausible that the EC has the egg and is using it to do whatever they think it will do for them. OR someone else has it. It seems we need to know more about the egg like what does the EC know about it. More cliffhangers to come.

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