First pages

This is the place. It is what it says, a place for first pages. These are nothing more than an exercise to improve that first page. I recall an established author who used this practice and actually turned books out of some after submitting them. The idea was to sell that idea and then he turned it into a book. I want to say he was Frederick Pohl or Poul Anderson, but the exact details escape me at this time.

So, here are some first pages, only one at first, and these are meant to be simple but hooking. Some elements may repeat and by no means will any be published unless I get a strong reaction. Think of these like that first page of the books you browse at the bookstore. That is where I’m going with this.

And for whatever reason, you have to use the link above as the one below doesn’t show. Hover over First Pages in the toolbar and the links will show.


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